Astronomie et Sciences Humaines

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Editor(s): Jaschek C.
Place/Year: Strasbourg, 1993
Title: European Meeting on Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy
Conference: SEAC Foundational. Strasbourg 1992
Publisher: L Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg.
Contact: Michel Creze. Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg.
11, rue de l Université, 6700 Strasbourg, France

Editor(s): Koleva V. & Kolev D.
Place/Year: Sofia, 1996
Title: Astronomical traditions in past cultures
ISBN: 954-90133-1-6
Conference: SEAC 1st. Smolyan 1993
Publisher: Institute of Astronomy BAS & NAO Rozhen
Contact: Clive Ruggles
Or Ocarina BooksLtd., 27 Central Avenue,
Bognor Regis, W Sussex PO21 5HT, U.K.

Editor(s): Schlosser W.
Place/Year: Bochum, 1996
Title: Proceedings of the SEAC Conference 1994
Conference: SEAC 2nd. Bochum 1994
Publisher: Astronomisches Institut der Ruhr-Universität. 1st Edition.
Ocarina Books. 2nd Edition
Contact: Clive Ruggles
Or Ocarina BooksLtd., 27 Central Avenue,
Bognor Regis, W Sussex PO21 5HT, U.K.

Editor(s): Stanescu F.
Place/Year: Sibiu, 1999
Title: Ancient times, modern methods
ISBN: 973-651-033-6
Conference: SEAC 3rd. Sibiu 1995
Publisher: "Lucian Blaga" University from Sibiu
Contact: Florin Stanescu


Editor(s): Jaschek C. & Atrio Barandela F.
Place/Year: Salamanca, 1997
Title: Actas del IV Congreso de la SEAC "Astronomía en la Cultura"
ISBN: 84-605-6954-3
Conference: SEAC 4th. Salamanca 1996
Publisher: Universidad de Salamanca.
Contact: Fernando Atrio

Editor(s): Mikocki T.

Sc. Editors: Ziolkowski M., Lebeuf A., Soltysiak A.

Place/Year: Warzawa Gdansk,1999

Title: Actes de la Vème Conférence Annuelle de la SEAC

ISBN: 83-87496-29-4

Conference: SEAC 5th. Gdansk 1997

Publisher: SWIATOWIT Supplement Series H: Anthropology, vol. II.

Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University

Contact: Arnold Lebeuf

Sorry, out of print!

Editor(s): Ruggles C.
Place/Year: Dublin, 2000
Title: Astronomy and Landscape
ISBN: 0-9540867-0-8
Conference: SEAC 6th. Dublin 1998
Publisher: Ocarina Books.
Contact: Clive Ruggles
Or Ocarina BooksLtd., 27 Central Avenue,
Bognor Regis, W Sussex PO21 5HT, U.K.

Editor(s): Esteban C. & Belmonte J.A.
Place/Year: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2000
Title: Astronomy and Cultural Diversity
ISBN: 84-88594-24-0
Conference: SEAC 7th. La laguna 1999
Publisher: Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros. Cabildo de Tenerife
Contact: María José Alemán or
Juan Antonio Belmonte

Due to a water damage all remaining copies of the book have been destroyed. Now we present a scanned copy made available as searchable pdf. We have created a fully searchable PDF. All languages, in which the papers are written, can be used for searching. You can download the file from our ftp-Server at Please keep in mind that the pdf-file size is huge (ca 144 MB), though it has been compressed. But the searchable feature caused the size. A version having a lower resolution and without the search feature will be offered during next update.

Editor(s): Prof. Tamila Potemkina & Prof. V. Obridko
Place/Year: Moscow, 2002
Title: Astronomy of Ancient Civilizations
ISBN: 5-02-008768-8
Conference: SEAC 8th. Moscow 2000
Publisher: Institute of Archaeology. Russian Academy of Sciences.
Contact: Tamila Potemkina

Editor(s): Prof. Mary Blomberg, Peter E. Blomberg and Göran Henriksson
Place/Year: Uppsala, 2003
Title: Calendars, Symbols and Orientations: Legacies of Astronomy in Culture
ISBN: 91-506-1674-9
Conference: SEAC 9th. Stockholm 2002
Publisher: Uppsala University
Contact: Mary Blomberg

Editor(s): Prof. Mare Kõiva, Dr. Izold Pustylnik, and Liisa Vesik
Place/Year: Tartu, 2005
Title: Cosmic Catastrophes: A Collection of Articles
ISBN: 9949-41-832-1
Conference: SEAC 10th. Tartu 2001
Publisher: Center for Cultural History and Folkloristics in Estonia, Tartu Observatory
Contact: SEAC publication, Vanemuise 42, Tartu 51003, Estonia

SEAC Leicester


BAR S1647 2007: Archaeoastronomy in Archaeology and
Ethnography Papers for the annual meeting of SEAC (European Society for Astronomy in Culture) held in Kecskemét, Hungary in 2004 by Emília Pásztor. ISBN 9781407300818. £35.00. 179 pages; illustrated throughout with maps, plans, drawings and photographs, 3 in colour.

BAR S1647 2007

SEAC 2005 Proceedings (Isili, Sardinia)

For further information and inquiries please contact Juan Belmonte Aviles


Proceedings of the International Conference on Archeoastronomy

SEAC 14th 2006

"Ancient watching of cosmic space and observation of astronomical phenomena"

6-10 April, 2006, Rhodes, Greece

Editor: Ioannis Liritzis

Mediterranean Archaeology and Archeometry, International Journal

Special Issue Vol. 6, No 3, 2007

University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece

To order copies please see URL MAA!

Editor(s): J.Vai_k_nas
Place/Year: Klaip_da, 2009
Title: Astronomy and Cosmology in Folk Traditions and Cultural Heritage
Conference: 15th annual meeting of the SEAC and VIIIth Oxford international conference on archaeoastronomy and astronomy in culture
Publisher: Archaeologia Baltica, Special Issue Vol. 10, 2008, Institute of Baltic Sea region history and archaeology, Klaip_da University, Klaip_da University Press.

To get a copy contact please: or;

Editor(s): Jose Alberto Rubiño-Martín, Juan Antonio Belmonte, Francisco Prada, and Antxón Alberdi
Place/Year: Granada, 2008
Title: Volume 409 - Cosmology across cultures
ISBN: 978-1-58381-698-1
Conference: SEAC. Granada 2008
Publisher: Astronomical Society Of The Pacific Conference Series

SEAC 2009 in edition. Publication announced for the end of 2015/start of 2016. BAR Innternational Series. Editors: Mossalam Shaltout and Michael A. Rappenglück


SEAC 2010 in print. Publication announced for November/December 2015. BAR International Series. Editors: Michael A. Rappenglück, Barbara Rappenglück, Nick Campion, Fabio Silva

SEAC 2011: Stars and Stones: Voyages in Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Sciences. Editors: F. Pimenta, N. Ribeiro, F. Silva, N. Campion, A. Joaquinito, L. Tirapicos. BAR International Series 2720, 2015. Just published.

Ivan Šprajc and Peter Pehani, eds., Proceedings of the SEAC 2012 conference: Ancient cosmologies and modern prophets, Anthropological Notebooks. Ljubljana: Slovene Anthropological Society


SEAC 2013 ATHENS. Astronomy Mother of Civilization and Guide to the Future edited byJ. McKim Malville and Michael Rappenglück. Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry, International Scientific Journal 14,3, 2015. Published online here.


SEAC 2014: The Materiality of the Sky in edition. The conference proceedings will be published by the Sophia Centre Press. The volume will be edited by Fabio Silva, Kim Malville, Tore Lomsdalen and Frank Ventura


SEAC 2015 Rome


SEAC 2016 Bath


SEAC 2017 Santiago de Compostella


Contents of some SEAC volumes

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